How is complaint examined?

After the Court has received a complaint, it will examine it to see if the complaint is complete and if it is admissible. The Constitutional Court must rule on the case within six months of receiving the relevant materials. The Court has to decide on the admissibility of the complaint first. If the Court decides to reject a complaint it will send its decision by post. This decision cannot be appealed.

If the complaint is accepted, it will be examined during 60 days from the moment of its registration and a report on the complaint will be elaborated. This period may be extended by 30 days if a large volume of material needs to be studied. When the Court examines a complaint it can request specific institutions which issued the law or regulation to give their response to the complaint. The Court may also ask the complainant to provide additional observations or information.

The Court decides on the admissibility of the application in a closed session and examines cases in oral hearings. The Court notifies all the parties to the complaint about the place, date and time of the hearings. 

How long will it take?

The full examination of your application, including a judgement of the Constitutional Court can take about six months, but this deadline may be difficult sometimes to preserve, in particular, in more complex cases when it may take longer.


Last updated 23/11/2023