A child & Education

A child has the right to an education which is a human right. Education is also essential for a child to learn about and fully enjoy all of a child’s human rights.

Access to and the opportunity to learn at an educational institution are a crucial part of a child’s right to an education. At the same time, a child’s parents also play a significant role as educators, since they enlighten and advise their child, and guide him/her according to their own religious or philosophical convictions. Therefore, to a certain extent, educational institutions should take the parents’ convictions into account throughout the schooling process.

About this section

In this section, you can learn about a child’s right to an education, such as the language of instruction and freedom of thought, conscience and religion in the educational process.  

important Information in this section is given from both a child’s and a parent’s perspective. The section meant for children and adolescents is given in a simplified form. 

Last updated 24/07/2023